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Logo of Agriculture Appeals Office

Oral Hearings

Appellants are entitled to an oral hearing as part of their appeal.

  • Oral hearings are held at a number of locations at a place and time convenient for appellants.
  • Each case is assigned to an Appeals Officer, who will conduct the hearing.
  • The Office will contact the appellant about the arrangements for the oral hearing.
  • Hearings are held in private and will be as informal as possible. The purpose of the hearing is to allow the appellants to put forward their case and to hear the case being put forward by the Department.
  • An appellant may be represented by another person at the oral hearing, however the appellant must attend the oral hearing in person .
  • A Department official(s) familiar with the case will also attend the hearing.
  • The appellant must notify the Appeals Office 5 working days in advance of anyone accompanying them at the oral hearing.
  • The Appeals Officer will decide the format of the oral hearing on the day.
  • The Appeals Officer may postpone or adjourn the hearing if deemed necessary.
  • The Appeals Officer may admit any duly authenticated written statement or other material or document as prima facie evidence of any fact in any case in which he or she thinks appropriate.
  • An Appeals Officer has the power to take evidence on oath or affirmation if deemed necessary.